Albert Einstein is regarded as one of the greatest physicists of all time. It has been claimed, by some, that he had a learning disability of some kind.
In this WebQuest, you serve as a member of the Admissions Committee of Schiller Academy, a prestigious, private school.
A 12-year-old, Albert Einstein has applied for admission. The Academy has never accepted an applicant with a disability. You are to evaluate the evidence for the claim that Einstein has a learning disability and render an opinion as to whether or not you believe this to have been true. Moreover, the Committee should decide if Einstein should be admitted with and without a disability.


As an exercise in critical thinking, your group will prepare a PowerPoint presentation presenting evidence, both pro and con, regarding the possibility that Albert Einstein was a person with a learning disability.

You will reach a conclusion based on this evidence. You will also decide whether or not he should be enrolled in the Academy with or without a disability. You will then share this information with the rest of our class.


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Step 1: Assign Groups

Instructor will assign students to groups based upon a student survey and assign tentative roles.

Step 2: Finalize Roles

Students will finalize their roles (that is, swapping roles if desired) and notify instructor of same.

Step 3: Read Chapter 7

All group members will read Chapter 7 (“Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”) in their textbook.

Step 4: Investigate Claims of Learning Disability

Students will investigate claims that Albert Einstein had a learning disability.
Specific questions to be addressed are:

  1. What in Einstein’s educational history suggests learning difficulties?
  2. What type(s) of learning disability is he claimed to have had?
  3. Is the claim of a learning disability justified by the evidence?

Step 5: Come To A Decision

Based on the results of Step 4, what is the Committee’s admission’s decision?

Step 6: Present Research and Conclusions

Students will prepare a PowerPoint presentation summarizing their research and conclusions on this topic, and upload it to our Desire-2-Learn course management system.

Step 7: Evaluate

Students will send instructor feedback on:

  1. the performance of their own group’s members, and
  2. an evaluation of other groups’ presentations.
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It is expected that this WebQuest will give students insight into learning disabilities and difficulties inherent in their diagnosis.

Read a Text Version of Evaluation Breakdown