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Who I am & what I do

jason ford

visual communication / instructional design

I am an experienced curriculum and instructional media developer with a professional background in graphic/visual communication and instructional design. I can design and develop outcome-driven courses and training from the ground up using course maps, lesson templates, interactive media, scripts and storyboards, custom graphics or illustrations, and custom HTML and CSS in any LMS.

I’m your guy if you are looking for a one-stop-shop in training and curriculum from design to development.

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What I'm good at

With a combined 20+ years in graphic design and instructional design, I’ve designed for just about all types of media and for a variety of adult learners.

Graphics & Illustrations

Photo Editing/Retouching, Creative Composites, Illustrations

Print Design

Ads, Brochures, Job Aids, Billboards, In-Store Displays, Menus, Table Tents, Direct Mailers, Posters, Newspaper Inserts

Web Design

HTML, CSS, WordPress, Front-End Development


Video Editing, Animation, Instruction, Tutorials


Scripting, Storyboarding, Graphics, Interactive Media, LMS Administration

Course Development

Job Analysis, Process Analysis, Outcome-Driven, Course Maps, Assessments


A showcase of my works

This is a very small sample of my 20+ years of work in both graphic design and instructional design. From print to web to video to interactive media, I’ve just about done a little bit of everything.
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I've done work for some cool colleges and companies

For 20+ years I’ve worked with various colleges and companies on a variety of projects. I would love to add yours to my list.
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