Course Design


I genuinely enjoy the instructional design process. Collaborating with SMEs and stakeholders, I begin with a user story to establish a clear purpose and set outcomes to guide the course. Next, I create a course blueprint, methodically mapping out the cognitive journey that learners will embark upon, module by module, ensuring that every resource, media element, and activity harmoniously aligns with the desired outcomes. course design process 1: sme collaboration, course outcomes, and course map When writing content, I select words and examples diligently to convey knowledge and simplify complex concepts effectively. Once the text is complete, I create supporting graphics, videos, and interactive simulations, adding visual context and diversity to the learning experience to engage learners on a deeper level. Icons for writing content, creating assets, and assessment Assessment is a crucial component, and I like to include formative assessments throughout the learning journey, encouraging active engagement and reflection on the content. For summative assessments, I prefer to design activities that allow learners to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. While traditional exams and quizzes have their place, there are more meaningful activities that can assess a learner’s ability to achieve outcomes. Learning is not just my profession but my passion. My ultimate goal is to create meaningful, enjoyable, and memorable learning experiences that drive significant changes in a learner’s knowledge, skills, and behavior.

Most Recent Courses/Training at ClassLink, Inc.

Unless stated otherwise below, I was the lead designer for each of the following training courses. My role included collaborating with the SME, writing the content, creating the images/screenshots, scripting and producing the videos (including voiceovers), and creating the interactive simulations. The following are only the content portion of the courses, not the introductions or assessments in the LMS.

Due to the proprietary nature of our products, I am limited in what I can share publicly.

Professional Development Series


OneSync Product Training Series

  • Configure a Source Type
  • Add Source Details (VIEW)
  • Add a Secondary Source
  • Configure Source Filters and Mappings
  • Perform Destination Data Transforms
  • Create Destination Groups
  • Export to a CSV Destination
  • Correlate Users for First Time Destination Exports


CMC Product Training Series


LaunchPad Product Training Series

Other Courses/Training

Blue Ridge Community College

  • Advising & Registration Orientation (Online)
  • Best Practices in Online Teaching (ILT, Online, VLT)
  • Foundation of Visual Design (Online)
  • Graphic Design I (Online)
  • Human Resource Management (Online)
  • Student Online Learning Orientation (Online)

Indiana Wesleyan University

  • Advanced Interpersonal Practice in Social Work (Online)
  • Educational Psychology and Diversity for Elementary Educators (Online)
  • Elementary Instructional Planning and Student Learning Processes (Online)
  • In-Depth Review of Topics in Social Work (Online)

Spartanburg Community College

  • Study of American Government (Online)
  • Backward Design Process for Course and Assessment Design (ILT)
  • Creating Accessible MS Word Documents (ILT)
  • Creating Accessible MS PowerPoint Presentations (ILT)
  • Creating Accessible Online Teaching/Training (ILT)
  • Developmental English (Online)
  • History of Technology in Society (Online)
  • New Faculty Orientation (ILT)
  • Religions of the World (Online)
  • Selecting Assessment Measurements (ILT)
  • Writing Program and Course Outcomes (ILT)

Lone Star College

  • 3D Modeling (ILT)
  • 3D Animation (ILT)
  • Digital Imaging with Adobe Photoshop (ILT, Online)
  • Digital Publishing (Foundation and Advance) with Adobe InDesign (ILT)
  • Game Testing (ILT)
  • Introduction to Game Design and Development (ILT)
  • Level Design in Gaming (ILT)
  • Portfolio Development for Visual Design (ILT)
  • Post Production Editing in Digital Video (ILT)
  • Project Development in Gaming (ILT)
  • Storytelling for Interactive Games (ILT)
  • User Interface Design (Online)
  • Visual Communication in Design Using Adobe Illustrator (ILT, Online)
  • Web Design Foundation (Online)