• writing process

    graphic icons to represent the four stages of writing. Magnifying glass for discovering thesis, columns for supporting thesis, flowchart for organization and and eyeball-recycle symbol for reviewing.

  • writing process discover

    using a magnifying glass to emphasize discovering the best prewriting technique.

  • writing process support

    compare supporting thesis to an attorney defending it with evidence and reasons.

  • writing process organization

    organizing content using time (calendar) or emphatic (different scaled exclamation marks)

  • writing process revision

    Conveyer belt with documents going through machines to check content, sentence structure and grammar spelling.

The Writing Process

Graphic Series
SCC | Richelle Allen | Transitional English

Students were having a hard time remembering the writing process when it came time for papers. Though covered in class and provided as a Word document, the process just wasn’t sticking. Working with RichelIe Allen, we created simple and familiar graphics to illustrate the process.

Click the image to the left to scroll through the 4 steps.

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