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Identity Animation

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South Carolina Plugged In Conference Presentation

This is some of the animation from a presentation I did titled “What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Teaching.” There were three parts discussing identity, progression, and structure. I talked about the gaming industry then related the principals to the classroom (gaming was in color; how it related to the classroom was done in B/W on the whiteboard background).

This first bit is about identity. Keep in mind it is just the animation and horrendous voice over for the character. This was actually broken up and spliced together in PowerPoint so I could be free to use my clicker. It allowed me to move around the room while conversing with the on-screen character, which I created and animated. It was a ton of fun putting together. Unfortunately, the video above is ONLY of the animated bit. You miss the live presentation where I interact with and ask the character various questions.

Again, my deepest apologies for the horrendous accent.